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~Always running away...~

[But it's time to be a hero.]

[Character Journal by princesstilly2; I do not own "ToS", "ToS: DotNW", or the PBs/Images in any way, shape, or form, unless otherwise specified.]

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Player/Mun: Tilly
Main Journal: princesstilly2


Name: Noishe
Age: --
"Tales of" Game: Tales of Symphonia
Species: Mixed-breed canine
Occupation: --

Personality: Shy, intelligent, protective, kind, quiet, loving, clumsy at times, helpful.
Likes: Naps, petting, children, food, soft music, vigorous ear rubs, reading, running.
Dislikes: Fights, scary things, bullies, pain, obnoxious music.

AU Background/Bio: --